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Providential Herbals is a Private Limited company established in Bangalore, India having drug license to manufacture and market hair care and body care products under the brand name Veda. The company has marketing offices in India, Singapore.

Our Story: We started our journey of providing solutions for hair and body wellness in 1991 when we started our company with our manufacturing facility in Mangalore and marketing across various states in India and abroad. The Research & Development facility is located in Bangalore.

Our products are very effective herbal formulations in accordance with ancient Ayurvedic practices. Our products are prescribed by 8,000 doctors and medical practitioners. These products are available in medical stores, supermarkets, online stores including company website and other online sites such as Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal for purchases in India.

Ingredients used in these products are purely natural herbs mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts freshly picked from organic herbal farms. We maintain the highest quality standards of manufacturing through quality assurance certifications by authorities and clinical laboratories. Our manufacturing standards for every batch are carefully monitored by certified botanists and Ayurvedic doctors.

Our products bring in quick relief, and are competitively priced. These products meant for external use are without any side effects.

Our mission is to develop herbal based hair care and body care products of highest quality and make them available globally. We are committed to develop and provide healthcare and wellness solutions to today’s consumers who care about natural alternative solutions for their overall well being.


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